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Transsexual: 26y (Canada) 49.8k visits

6 videos

I'm new, never uploaded videos before, hoping to get at least a lil' popular :3


Transsexual woman: 28y (USA) 2.3k visits

Janessa Griffol


Me chamo Janessa, sou uma linda Transex, modelo, dona de belas curvas. Sou ativa e passiva também muito safada, tenho local e curto de tudo um pouco, solteiros, casal, bacanal, garganta profunda, chuva de prata e etc... estou aqui para realizar suas fantasias e todos os seus firsting.Fazer você ficar louquinho de tesão e fazer as maiores loucuras que você possa imaginar. Aceito propostas para gravações de vídeos, você querendo podemos eternizar essa foda bem gostosa em vídeo. Venha e vamos nos divertir!!! Contatos através do link:


Transsexual: 26y (Colombia) 25.7k visits

3 videos

soy una chica


Transsexual man: 25y (USA) 3.5k visits

7 videos

Homem trans Campinas-SP 25 anos Tatuado Faço call particular bem gostosinho :p


Transsexual: 49y (USA) 21.1k visits

2 photos

Hello guys looking for somebody around my area to have a good time sex play tonight

Nanda Steronn

Transsexual: 25y (Brazil) 31.6k visits

16 videos

Mais vídeos


Transsexual: 30y (Thailand) 5.3k visits

4 photos

Hi guys I’m Bisexual trans, tall slim skinny Asian Ladyboy from Bangkok, Thailand. Open for anything can do everything versatile top and bottom.


Transsexual woman: (Taiwan) 7.8k visits

Twitter: @makiyosuck


Transsexual woman: 37y (USA) 9k visits

1 video - 1 fav

I’m a kinky little cross dresser with a candy flavored tight asshole! Wanna taste?


Transsexual: 42y (Israel) 28.7k visits

5 videos - 1 fav - 18 photos

Hi, my name is Talya Or and i'm from Israel. I am a ts Bigender and I am a real flasher and i like to go naked in public places, everywhere i can - Practically. I like to Masturbate all the time, and some of the time i do it also on public places as well. Stay tuned on my channel. Cause I'm going to deliver to you my great naked body everywhere!


Transsexual: 41y (USA) 14.2k visits

33 videos - 2 favs

Hello, my name is Charlene I am a bi sexual male, who also cross dresses and dress up as a dirty little slut. I turn into a female mode I won’t to be treated as a slut talked to like a slut and used like a slut. I crave big black cocks when I’m in my female mode. I love sucking them and getting my tight sissy ass pounded hard long and rough by them. The more the better. Love swallowing cum and getting to be ganged banged by more than one big black cocks. Love rough role play. Black cocks is what I crave everyday.


Transsexual: 38y (Mexico) 24.7k visits

Your average Sexy Ts Girl come and chat with Mr.


Transsexual man: 46y (Uruguay) 3.7k visits


Transsexual: 31y (USA) 65.8k visits

40 favs - 20 photos

small breasted girl just daydreaming of being an D cup and having big milky nipples and ending up with a good man that knows what to do when i'm having a seizure and would make my breasts big naturally and wearing a corset and with lingerie in thigh highs and high heels and i dream alot of being post op


Transsexual: 53y (Japan) 68k visits

102 favs - 18 photos

Thank you for interested in me. ===IMPORTANT============ DON'T SEND Friend request without reading below! I will reject the request who don' t want to meet in real world, whho has no video or photos, who intend to chat or mail, who has no information worth for me. ======================== I am cross dresser and / or shemale live in Japan I removed permanently all body hairs. I have ball and cock. I injected own fat to my breast to enlarge it. I want to create vagina. I am 165cm 65kg black hair. I can accept any size of cock. I am horny every time & sex-holic and seeking men who can meet me and insert the tough cock into my ass. I sometimes go business travel to the worldwide once a year. I seek casual cruising spot there. I DON'T want to have the email nor chat friend, video cam, rope play, dirty or bloody play etc. I start fucking with men several years ago. I experienced more than 100 men. I want to develop myself for the following areas; 1 neck choking 2 urea inducing 3 fist fuck 4 deep throat : I could receive normal cock, but not all size! 5 piss injected into my ass 6 cum into my ass ( only HIV tested and the result is negative persons) 7 sex with drugs, becoming horny and crazy I like smoking cock and taking "liquid" into my ass to become crazy horny ass. I feel fun when someone come in my ass and drain out the sperm from my ass. アナルの経験は何年もありますが、もっと深い世界を知りたくてベテランの方を探しています。 自分では怖くて中途半端なことしかできてない、次のようなことを開発していただけないでしょうか? 1 首絞め、気絶してマンコを締め付ける。一度だけ失神しない程度の経験はあります。 2 導尿プレイ。根元までプラグを入れたことはあります。 3 フィスト。指5本は入りますが、げんこつが通過できません。上行結腸までディルドを入れてほしいです。 4 ディープスロート。細目のペニスなら喉奥を通過できます。どんなペニスでも受け入れられる様になりたいです。 5 小便中出し、腸内洗浄液充満 6 生種付け。肉便器、複数性処理 7 公然ワイセツ。昼間から駐車場の陰で恥ずかしい行為をする。駅やスーパーのトイレで恥ずかしい声を出させる 8 お預け。フェラを30分以上したり、寸止めされたり、逆に強制射精させられた挙げ句に扱き続けられたりという経験はあります。 9 キメセク 身体の自由を奪われて、男性のオモチャにされたい。 体温があって動くダッチワイフとして、使い捨てにされても構わないです。 私自身について オーバー40歳、165cm 65kgの女装です。セックス中毒です。 バストはホルモンと脂肪注入豊胸手術してBカップです。 すね、ひげ、Vゾーンは永久完全脱毛しました。パイパンで、全身無毛です。 完全女装して電車に乗れますし、女子トイレを使ってもとがめられませんし、ラブホは同伴で入れる程度のパス度です。 熟女ですし、ホルモンのせいで脂肪が付いてしまった身体ですが、フェラやアナルの締め付けが気持ちいい、床上手だとほめられます。 有料出会い系サイトや発展場を中心に、のべ100人以上との経験があります。 長時間エンドレスでアナルセックスできます。絶倫の方を相手にしたり、複数を相手にして一晩中ピストンされ続けられた事があります。 長時間プレイや長過ぎるペニス、太すぎるペニスでも受け入れ出来ます。 スカトロ、緊縛放置、イメージプレイ、出血プレイは希望しません。ホルモンをしているので、逆アナルは出来ません。 メンドウ抜きに、セックスだけの関係を希望しています。 恋愛関係とか、メル友、飲み友は希望しません。金銭のやりとりは無しでお願いします。 セーファーセックス希望です。 普段はセーフでしていて、定期的にHIV検査もしている方に生中出ししてもらいたいです。私は定期的に性病とHIV検査をしていて陰性です。 ガンガン生堀りしたい定期的に性処理したい方を募集します。 平日は都内で昼間の仕事をしています。 夜7時くらいから10時過ぎまで、中央線の大久保あたりでお会いできます。 場所ありでしたら完全女装してお伺いします。


Transsexual: 52y (USA) 13.2k visits

5 photos

I am new being bisexual and I like to crossdress,I've never been fucked in the ass,but.........? I'm looking for bbcock to take my virginity:) I love to suck cock!!!


Transsexual: 31y (Ukraine) 35.6k visits

3 photos


Transsexual: 59y (USA) 32.9k visits

2 videos - 16 favs - 8 photos

FTM Bi-ish transman. Interested in:beefy, hairy men, thick cocks (what good is it to hit bottom if you don't stretch the sides?), single or multiple, creampie, outdoors & public places, glory holes, interracial, and questionable consent. Msg me on gmail if you're in the area & want to ride. Would love to add a vid of you (& your buddies) leaving a creamy surprise in me. I love the look on a man's face as he's dumping his nuts inside me.

Sinful Redmute

Transsexual: 24y (Mexico) 30.8k visits

8 videos

Todos mis videos en (Cambia la x por la letra o en el link) Quien guste donarme para un dildo será bien recompensado con un buen video privado ;3


Transsexual: 26y (USA) 53.7k visits

5 videos - 3 favs - 19 photos

Jessica Vallets

Transsexual: 34y (Earth) 34.9k visits

6 videos

Soy una transsexual que le gusta el sexo , i tenerlo o quiero conocer alguien que le gusta lo mismo que yo


Transsexual: 21y (United Kingdom) 2.2k visits


Transsexual woman: 36y (USA)

19 photos

Just you average slutty tranny from Texas

Hot Crossy

Transsexual: 45y (India) 475k visits

270 favs - 335 photos

I want sex film maker

Anjinho Passivo

Transsexual: 35y (Brazil) 57.3k visits

31 favs

Perfil novo: rafinhacdzinhape add lá pessoal!


Transsexual woman: 26y (Brazil) 6.6k visits

4 videos - 1 fav - 4 photos

Eu sou uma mulher trans de 26 aninhos, sou bem safada, adoro sentar na pica, e mamo até gozar na minha cara. Sou bem ousada na cama. Posição preferida é : de quatro.


Transsexual: 39y (France) 6.4k visits

4 videos

Hi there :) I'm... trans, even though I don't like to say it cause, physically, i'm not there yet ! So, technically, I am right now a transvestite of sort I suppose. The facial hair removal takes loooots of time, too much if you ask me, but well, it is how it is... Otherwise, I do like anal orgasms, being frustrated, rubbing, fisting I like the idea of releasing porn videos, but I still lack experience IMO, I need experience ! So, if you're a cute guy who wants to fuck me and train me and ready to share videos on this profile, you're welcome*. If you're a dominant woman who wants to train me into... feminine things, fucking, fisting, or other things and willing to share vids here you are more than welcome*. I live in Soisy Sur Seine, next to Evry. Feel free to contact me ;o<3 * you have to be in close proximity though.


Transsexual: 34y (USA) 18.5k visits

1 photo


Transsexual woman: 32y (USA)

Latina Trans en busca de nuevas aventuras y experiencias

Petit Slave

Transsexual: 43y (Brazil) 43.2k visits

61 videos - 14 favs - 5 photos

Uma menina obediente que gosta de ser arrombada sou cdzinha syssi boneca


Transsexual: 28y (Canada) 20.7k visits

Amateur Transdudely Femme. Kinkster, sub & dom, lover of toys and boys and girls and everyone in between.


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 19k visits

3 videos - 42 favs

Just a dude trying to look cute in a dress wig and makeup in hopes some other dudes will give me their cum. Or maybe some ladies will sit on my face? :)


Transsexual: 34y (Russia) 36.2k visits

114 favs - 6 photos


Transsexual: 26y (USA) 20k visits

64 favs - 4 photos


Transsexual: 28y (Mexico) 5.4k visits

75 favs

Pasivo con labios anales, por el deseo de sentir por primera ves que se siente tener y tocar un pene de verdad. El tan sólo imaginar, me exita muchísimo me da un exitante cosquilleo en mis labios anales.

Ivy Pink1

Transsexual woman: 30y (Mexico) 12.2k visits

4 videos


Transsexual woman: 32y (Brazil) 10.7k visits

2 videos

Me chamo Fabíola, gatinha do fatal model. Moro em Petrópolis Rio de Janeiro. Sou versátil demais, sem frescuras o meu objetivo é unicamente o prazer. +55 24992997060


Transsexual woman: 8.4k visits

6 videos - 29 photos

Hi❤️ I am the trans girl who can fulfil all your fantasies, you can write me if you are interested in exclusive videos and photos, I can follow all your orders.? ??Encuentros personales solo en España?


Transsexual woman: 37y (Brazil) 10.3k visits

4 videos

Monica Anne Heart

Transsexual: 49y (USA) 45k visits

355 videos - 1 fav - 1,884 photos

I'm a curvy, 5'10" without heels, 6'4" in heels, genderfluid girly girl. I live as both male and female, but I oftentimes identify much more as female or transgender female. I am always saying, please just treat me like you would any other girl. I am a total fashionista and hard-working glam princess that loves my work as a writer. I am a wannabe fashion designer and wardrobe stylist. If you are a trans girl or are genderfluid, wherever you may be in your journey I'd love to connect with you! I believe we can be strong, but also cute and sexy at the same time. I like to think I have an expertise for combining elegance, glamour, and sophistication with just the right amount of confidence, allure, and bold, raw sexiness. I love wearing cute, sexy outfits, girly things, and really big shoes. I am very much into fashion and all the trimmings. I totally over-accessorize on purpose because that is what good girls do. My favorite shopping sites and stores are: Forever 21, H&M, Tobi, Dresslily, eBay, Charlotte Russe, Shein, Zaful, Lulu's, Express, AMIClubWear, Rainbow Shops, GenX, GSLove, Heavenly Couture, Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, GirlProps, Marshall's, Ross, T.J. Maxx,, Goodwill, Salvation Army Store, and Laura's House Resale Shop. I am married to a wonderful woman who is very supportive and fortunately for me, is very attracted to girls like me! I am on here to make new friends who also enjoy fashion and genderfluidity, and share other common interests. I am interested in actually carrying on a nice conversation if you can handle it.;-) Sadly, it seems most of you cannot. :-( As for my interests outside of fashion, I also love to hit antique and thrift shops looking for old and unique items. I love to go on roadtrips, go see museums and other artistic places, see natural sights along the coast, and go to Disneyland, the movies, and the beach on a cool winter day.

Esmeralda Castillo

Transsexual: 32y (Mexico) 26.8k visits

2 videos - 1 fav - 14 photos

Chica trans de la Ciudad de México. Manda mensaje para colaboraciones. Sólo gente seria y decidida.


Transsexual: 27y (Peru) 60.5k visits

9 videos - 15 photos

linda trans de los olivos


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 53.4k visits

145 photos

Available. Always horny. Interested in making porn in the Dallas area. Email me: [email protected]


Transsexual woman: (USA)

Just a trans girl with a body I can love now hope you do too


Transsexual: 37y (France) 43.7k visits

19 videos - 173 photos

Blonde française hormonée célibataire Ultra féminine et sexy pour mâle alpha puissant et dominant

Sadee Rain

Transsexual: 32y (USA) 234.2k visits

10 videos - 1 fav - 33 photos

My name Sadee, I am a transgender M2F. I like to make homemade videos. I'm Taking Bookings for new videos inbox me for a date and time. If you like to be in a film just have ID and sign the model release for rights to upload. If you would like a personal video message for cost to book me for a filming session. I'm pretty open minded to new things. If you like to know more or to film with me message.


Transsexual woman: (Mexico) 18k visits

2 videos

| Bienvenido a mi perfil | Méxicana | | CDMX | Morena caliente | Trans petite |


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 49.9k visits

18 videos - 140 favs - 1,189 photos

Hey guys im Jazmine Rosalynn Iron Shirt and im a native transsexual thats horny pretty much horny all the time and im bisexual i love to get fucked and fuck i would rather be fucked in my ass by guys and if a female wants to fuck me with a strapon i would do it. I also want to let you guys know that i really would like to make some more vids of me getting fucked by people and just make my own porn and become a famous native transsexual thats a adult performer i already have a few different accounts that i already post to. Twitter: @Jazmineiron Instagram: tsjazmine13 Facebook: Jazmine Rose Iron Shirt Kik: cdjazzytsn8v13 Chatterbate: N8vjazzy1317 Hotforall: N8vjazzy13 Gmail: [email protected]

Nualua Lay

Transsexual: 41y (Brazil) 30.8k visits

5 favs - 39 photos

Hello, I am a Transgender Brazilian very very girl, I am above average kinky and I love sex fantasies, love social adult games where I can explore my sexuality, love the idea of being seen by others in private moments, hope you like it!


Transsexual: 59y (USA) 18.6k visits

1 fav - 1 photo


Transsexual: (USA) 11k visits

3 videos


Transsexual: 33y (Peru) 54.3k visits

5 favs - 2 photos


Transsexual woman: 37y (France) 89.4k visits

10 videos - 8 photos

Me chamo Renata Davila uma trans Brasileira que produz seus proprios vldeos ,aparti de hoje aqui sempre teram novidades pra voces !!

Nina Cross

Transsexual man: 47y (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 4.6k visits

1 video

I'm crossdresser bottom from Bosnia. I love sex with guys much. Message me if you want intimate date with me.

I Amrhian

Transsexual woman: (Spain) 6.2k visits

24 photos

Hola a todos, soy chica filipina y vengo con más ganas que nunca de sacaros toda la leche

Safire Serenity

Transsexual woman: 37y (USA) 7.6k visits

2 videos

I'm barley starting life as a out trans woman. I need people who know what to do with me and how to best use me to get ahold of me.

Miko Bladius Luna

Transsexual man: 33y (Saint Martin) 1.2k visits

Soy una TV pasiva de closet muy complaciente Radico el la ciudad de Mexico pueden en contrarme en Facebook/Sofia Emilico Malverde Gusman Twitter/EmilicoSofia, PalaciosEmilico


Transsexual woman: 42y (USA) 1.8k visits

10 photos

I am strictly a bottom crossdresser looking for tops only for some discreet hookups. I am 41 yrs old. I stand at 5'9 and weigh 200lbs, stocky built with a bubble butt. I live in San Francisco, Ca. I love to cuddle, body contact kiss and probably best described as role play to where I am strictly the female of the relationship. Strictly female of the relationship as in I don't even let a guy touch my penis. Call it weird but my whole turn on is being the support and backbone for my man and behind closed doors, please my man. If this sounds like it could be of some interest to you, feel free to connect with me to find out more and we'll go from there. Can't wait to connect with you


Transsexual: 30y (USA) 16.1k visits

1 video - 6 favs

Hot cd freak . I'm obsessed with Lena kelly ? I got a big dick and a tight pink asshole.


Transsexual: 34y (Colombia) 43.7k visits

45 videos - 92 favs



Transsexual woman: 34y (Argentina) 8.1k visits

2 videos

Ts Milena

Transsexual: 22y (USA) 28.4k visits

5 videos

Violalee Blue

Transsexual: 50y (USA)

3 photos

Marcela Trans Safada

Transsexual: 30y (Brazil) 31.4k visits

4 videos

Olá pessoal meu nome é Marcela sou uma transexual bem safada quero muito que vocês curtem minha página e se inscreva deixa seu comentário vou postar vários vídeos espero que gostem.


Transsexual: 41y (USA) 23.9k visits

4 videos

Good times with myself . I'm a freak I will try anything once. Open minded human here. Let’s party

A Creamy Situation

Transsexual: 36y (USA) 44.8k visits

3 videos - 1 photo

Looking for my new freaky bff to get it Poppin with

Ttt 198020

Transsexual: 36y (Egypt) 76.7k visits

34 photos

I sara selem transsexual my old36 years i love sex femdom bdsm open anal fuck me hard


Transsexual: 22y (Brazil) 37.6k visits

3 videos - 4 photos

Prazer Isa, chega aí chama no privado para nós conhecermos e quem sabe postar uns vídeos bem safados whats 06185208113 Instagram isaanascimentooficial TixTox código J900971577 TixTox Lite código K533160181


Transsexual: 20y (France) 2.7k visits

Hey, i'm a trans kitty boy ❤️ I'm new here and i hope my content can make you happy :)


Transsexual woman: 28y (Brazil) 19.3k visits

2 videos - 31 photos

Lais Calegari, 27 years old, originally from brasil... Actually in Paris.

Pamela Catarine

Transsexual: 24y (Brazil) 29.7k visits

3 photos

Em Uberlândia, curta temporada.


Transsexual man: 40y (Iran, Islamic Republic of) 6k visits

2 videos - 24 photos


Transsexual woman: 37y (USA)

Just a trans girl trying to have some fun, make some friends, and meet friends

Marcy Minxy

Transsexual: 24y (USA) 50.7k visits

14 photos

Genderfluid femboy/trap slut (he/him pronouns). Currently training with MisterTrapDaddy. Please subscribe! Videos coming soon! xx


Transsexual woman: 23y (USA) 13k visits

16 videos - 41 photos

The gayest of narcoleptic dumbasses.

Shiva Hanazono

Transsexual woman: 33y (USA) 6.1k visits

4 videos - 56 photos


Transsexual: 38y (Australia) 30.3k visits

5 videos - 95 favs - 17 photos


Transsexual: 44y (USA) 10.5k visits

3 videos

I'm very freaky love giving exclusive sloppy deep throat face fucked and swallow action kik superfreak504 also like watching my white sissy bottom friend get pounded by bbc


Transsexual: 62y (USA) 16.2k visits

It started from a very early age. At the start is was just my imagination wanting to know what a girl looked like in panties and how they felt to them when they had some on. So, to find out for my self, I acquired (stole) a pair from my neighbor, Monica, (both of us age 9), went back to my place and out of a very intense excitement/desire, put them on. I was hooked. I know I'm not a female so I don't try to act like one. I enjoy wearing panties and other lingerie. No makeup or try to sound like a girl. I enjoy sex with both females and males. I "love" females, I "enjoy" sex with a male (or both if possible). I'm not attracted to males as a whole, I'm attracted to the sex with a male. No muscle-bound stupid he-man talking crap like some macho man. It's the sex, especially if I think they are imagining they are fucking some young girl in the butt as they are fucking me. Because that's what I'm imagining, I'm a young teen girl getting fucked in the butt for the first time etc. My wife, Michelle, passed away 24 years ago. We had been together since the age of 13. Both of us were very open from the very beginning regarding our thoughts, desires, fantasies with sex. And neither one of us passed any kind of judgement upon the other. It was full acceptance and understanding. I enjoy watching the teen porn because it reminds me of the beginnings of Michelle and I.(One note: the styles, materials and great colors of lingerie these days is great!)

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